A Warm Welcome from Cwmdar Primary

Cwmdar Primary School's new website will be launched soon. 

On behalf of the Staff and Children of Cwmdâr Primary School I extend a warm welcome to you. We believe in lifelong learning, where we share experiences and discover the excitement of acquiring new knowledge and skills that will support the children in a successful future.

This website aims to introduce you to the school and provide you with the information you need regarding our vision, values, general organisation, functions and administration. At Cwmdâr Primary School we feel is vital that all parents/ guardians/carers feel welcome and well informed about the school.  The education of the children at the school is based on a sound partnership with parents/carers where there is a shared responsibility, trust and understanding about our impact on your child’s learning.

Cwmdâr Primary is a happy, busy and successful community school that prides itself on its inclusivity and achievements.  At our school, we endeavour to develop successful pupil/teacher relationships and encourage your child to take part in all of the school activities.  Our warm and friendly team of teachers and teaching assistants support the development of each child to their full potential, achieving the highest possible level through high expectations and commitment to their work – these standards are reflected in our very good results in both Foundation Phase and KS2.  We live in a digital age of inventive thinking and it is important to anticipate change, therefore, we need to prepare our children to embrace change so that they can achieve their full potential.