Home School Association

Many parents enjoy organising and supporting events to help raise money for the school to provide equipment/organise visits to enhance their child’s learning.  The efforts of parents in raising money are most appreciated as the school has benefited greatly over the years.  The money raised has been put to good use to enhance learning opportunities.  Recent fund-raising efforts have enabled us to purchase sports equipment for use at playtimes and have contributed hugely to the development of the Foundation Phase Outdoor Areas.

The pupils at Cwmdâr Primary School are very fortunate to benefit from the fundraising efforts of our parents and friends.  We are always looking for people to add their names to our list of helpers who are prepared to give their time to help in various areas of the school.  Please do not be shy in coming forward to support the Home School Association.  Family help in the school is always welcome.  Any adult family member wishing to help should contact the Headteacher. 

Becoming involved in these events is also a good way of meeting other parents.  Many long-lasting friendships have evolved through helping in this way.  All parents are welcome to attend HSA meetings, details of which will appear on our noticeboards or by specific letter.  Please contact me if you would like more information about the HSA, we always need new people to help.

Home School Liaison

As it is important for you as parents to be involved in your child’s learning process, we would like you to become partners with us in the process of education and so each term you are encouraged to assist your child with a home-school task.