We are keen for children to have a real say in the way the school operates and actively promote ‘Pupil Participation’. Pupils are elected by their peers to represent them in a variety of ways in consultation with staff and official visitors. There is a School Council that meets to discuss a range of school issues and events. There is also an ‘Eco Committee’ that takes a particular interest in our environment and promoting good practice and an ‘Attendance Council’ who are fully involves in our attendance initiative We also have various other monitors and groups including Digital Leaders, Playleaders, JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officers) etc. 

School Council. Ballots are held every year when pupils are selected from Years 2 to 6.  Every child in these year groups has the opportunity to nominate themselves as a council member and all have a vote in the final ballot.

The council is also made up of teaching and support staff.  School governors are invited to attend half termly meetings.  Since the commencement of the School Council, the members have become involved in a variety of projects.  The first project was carried out in conjunction with the Safer Routes to School Initiative.  The council members’ finalised project was submitted to WAG, plans were passed and the result is a gate opening onto the path at the side of the school, which has been resurfaced and had lighting installed.  Cycle storage racks were installed in the playground.

The council is presently involved in developing the school’s participation in the Eco Challenge Award.  In September 2016 we achieved the second Platinum School Award, capably led by our school eco-council.

The council has a small budget which it is responsible for. We encourage good house-keeping by assisting and advising the pupils as they use their budget to support current initiatives. Last year, The School council decided to allocate their budget to resources to support outdoor provision.

A termly report on the School Council’s activities is presented to our Governing Body through our school representative.

School and Eco Councils


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Year 1/2

  • Antonia Ligori

Year 2

  • Nia Bevan
  • Tobias Francis-Wilson

Year 3

  • Emily Matthews
  • Kelvin Pugh

Year 3/4

  • Charlie Davies
  • Freya Dennis

Year 4/5

  • Macy Burns
  • Joseff Davies

Year 5/6

  • School/Eco Council: Jared Green, Poppie Davies, Elen Williams
  • Attendance Council: Lilia James, Mali Crimmings, Sophia Ligori, Jayden Morgan, Abigail Chidgey

Year 6

  • School/Eco Council: Harri Edmunds, Oliver Rees, May Humphrey-Cobbert
  • Digital Leaders: Jake Glover, Molly Haffender, Oliver Rees, Cian Baker